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Purchasing your home is an important decision. But how does one know that the property they purchased has a clear title? Because unknown problems can be hidden in the history of a property's title, the homeowner pays SuRealty Title, Inc. for title insurance.

Title insurance is an insurance policy that guarantees the property title is free from the problems of hidden liens and claims. The title insurance company searches public records for the property to make sure there are no problems in the title's ownership and history. The fee for title insurance is usually included in the itemization of closing costs from the lender and is a one-time fee.

Title insurance pays for SuRealty Title, Inc. to search for problems in a property's title by examining public records.

Possible hidden title problems we may find can include:

·  Errors or omissions in deeds
·  Mistakes in examining records
·  Forgery
·  Undisclosed heirs
·  Liens for unpaid taxes
·  Liens by contractors

SuRealty Title, Inc. routinely searches public records for:

·  Deeds
·  Mortgages
·  Wills
·  Divorce Decrees
·  Court Judgements
·  Tax Records
·  Liens
·  Claims
·  Maps

By searching the history of the property's title, SuRealty Title, Inc. can assure the new owner of clear ownership to their new property and that no outstanding debts or unknown ownership issues are associated with their new home.

In addition, besides securing a good search on a property's title, SuRealty Title, Inc. will insure the property owner as long as s/he owns the property. Therefore, if a problem arises at a later date, the title insurance policy will cover legal fees in defense of a claim against the property that is covered under the title policy.

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When refinancing a mortgage, the current mortgage debt obligation is replaced with a new debt obligation under different terms.
A loan (debt) can be refinanced for various reasons:

  1. To take advantage of a better interest rate (which will result in either a reduced monthly payment or a reduced term)
  2. To consolidate other debt(s) into one loan (this will result in a longer term)
  3. To reduce the monthly repayment amount (this will result in a longer term)
  4. To reduce or alter risk (e.g. switching from a variable-rate to a fixed-rate loan)
  5. To free up cash (this will result in a longer term)

Refinancing for reasons 2, 3, and 5 is usually undertaken by borrowers who are in financial difficulty in order to reduce their monthly repayment obligations, with the penalty that they will remain in debt for years longer.

In personal finance, refinancing multiple debts makes management of the debt easier. If high-interest debt, such as credit card debt, is consolidated into the home mortgage, the borrower is able to pay off the remaining debt at mortgage rates over a longer period.

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Owner and Encumbrance searches are also known as Current Owner Searches, Lotbook Reports, Title Reports, Short Form Reports or Limited Title Reports.
These are reports on specific properties based on research we conduct utilizing public records, including the County Assessor’s and County Tax Collector’s tax rolls.
These reports consist of the following items affecting the subject property:

  • The current owner, or owners, and the manner in which they are vested. Our report will also include a copy of the deed (or deeds) showing how title is currently held.
  • The Assessor's Parcel Number and the assessed values of the subject property for the current tax year.
  • Current and delinquent tax information1
  • All open Mortgages or Deeds of Trusts, as well as any related...
    • Assignments of Deeds of Trust or Mortgages
    • Amendments or Modifications
    • Subordination Agreements
    • Notices of Default or Notices of Lis Pendens to Foreclose
    • Partial Reconveyances or Partial Satisfactions
    • Substitution of Trustee on Deed of Trust
  • Tax Liens (State, Federal and County)
  • Abstracts of Judgment
  • Homeowners Association Liens
  • Mechanic's Liens
  • Liens found affecting the equity of the subject property

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